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No distance is too far ...

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality are integral to way we do business. To this end, we are committed to zero harm to people and the environment. Our integrated management system is consistent with international standards and we continually ensure these systems are developed, documented, implemented and maintained in a manner that is understood and effective at all levels of our organization.



Sitona forms part of the client's health program while on site. However, our head office and operational offices are managed with the same intensity of health care programs. We have a professional Occupational Hygiene company based at our head office who measure and report on our occupational hygiene status in our company. 

Our training division constantly updates and revises our material to include the most pertinent health information for training of our employees. Our communications department are on par with relevant industry and currently, national health concerns on the COVID-19 (Corona Virus)



Sitona has evolved significantly in our safety journey since 2019 with the approach of implementing ISO 45001. There is currently now need for us to have certification as the benefits in our client relationships is not feasible as yet. However, we are implementing this standard and intent to have an ISO 45001 compliant system by end 2020. This system is managed on OneView.

Our Safety Management System comprises of the following standards:

  1. Organisational Context

  2. Leadership

  3. Risk & Change management

  4. Resources

  5. Training, Awareness & Competence

  6. Communications & Involvement

  7. Operations Management

  8. Contractor Management

  9. Documentation

  10. Records

  11. Outsourcing

  12. Procurement

  13. Accidents, Incidents & Non-Conformances

  14. Emergency preparedness & Response

  15. Performance Evaluation

  16. System Audit

  17. Conditional Improvement


Despite the fact that the majority of our work is executed on a client's premises under their own environmental governance, Sitona also focuses on a compliance to ISO 14001, not only in support to the EMP of our clients, but as a value within our own organisation.

We have received several commendations from our clients upon their visits to our main workshop, wither during surveillance audits, VFL or even as part of a tender adjudication visit.


With the assistance of professional service providers, Sitona is working towards compliance with ISO 9001 as a comprehensive operation. We have made great strides in the critical areas of our business where quality is a non-negotiable as a matter of priority and will continue to work towards complete compliance in all areas of the company.